Monday, April 05, 2004

Certificates Printer

Yes. That's what I am called for the day - A certificate printer. Well, I'm kind of bored as I typed this entry. The printer is very very slow. Taking its own sweet time to churn the certificates piece by piece. Well, I've another 2 classes of certificates to print. Wonder how did Josherine spent her 2 hours plus here, with the rate of speed that they have here with the printers.
Well, I've went ot NTUC today to sign my appointment letter this morning. Well, everything seems good so far. Nothing to complain except maybe that I will only have 9 days of annual leave for my first year of work with them. Hmm but nothing much to complain cos they are giving us another 2 more days to spend with our families' birthday or whatever community work that I have to do. Nice ya. Anyway I'm looking forward to starting the new job. :)


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