Sunday, March 07, 2004

Listening to You Are My World now... feeling very melancholy and sleepy at the same time. "You are my world, You are my God and I lay down my life for You"... Hmm wondering if I will really do that one day. In fact for this entire week, I've been really busy with the work of God. It seems that I'm really laying down my life for Jesus. But it seems to be not enough. I want to do more. The spirit is willing and the body is weak. Truely, I know that God has instored for me many wonderful plans and blessings. I really want to serve Him while I can. Somehow, I have this very funny feeling in me. Something not right. It is not struggles, not some hidden sins. But something is just not too good. Don't know what it is. Will let you know when I know. Hehe... Well, Hope Of God Church's Anniversary is coming this coming 14 March. And we are turning 13 this year. After so many many years of perseverance and diligence in God's work, we have finally turned 13. Seen so many ups and downs of the church, from a church that is always on the move to a church settled in the heart of town, I'm amazed and touch at what God has done in the lives of many today. Frankly speaking, it's not so bad to be single after all, especially at this point of my life. I want to give my best to the Lord. Now, people needs the Lord more than anything. his sheep that are astray at this moment, they need a God-sent shepherd to bring them back to the sheep pen and to the green pastures, to the final destination. My heart is pumping for the lost. I know that I really have to do something for the Lord and His people. Haha... I just don't know why... Keep saying that i want to do something but not knowing what I want to do. Sometimes, it can be really lonely as it is tough to find someone that can identify with my heartbeat for the Lord. Saw my very good buddy today. But I can't imagine that our conversation was a "Hi" and "Bye" only. He/she just walked past me after saying Hi to me. Seems hard to believe but it is true. Well perhaps it is just tiredness. Well, emotions aside.
Finally, the first album of Hope of God church is out!! It is called Elpizo (Hope in Greek). Wow... it's so great to see the birth of our worship album. This is the first one but there will be more coming. All are our very own songs. Songs that are God-given. I'll support for sure!! Haha no piracy ok?? It's their hardwork and heartwork. So let's honor them as well. Anyway coming up on 20th will be the first Peirce Secondary graduates gathering. Well, the school is inviting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year graduates to go back for a High Tea session. Actually I'm not too sure about whether I should go back anot but I think I will cos I wanna outreach to my friends mar... need some contacts lor... hee... Oh yar, update a bit. My manager tendered his resignation one week after me. Amazing man. I think he has already decided to quit but I manage to be faster in action. Now, the Chinese Label has no one else to take care of except my poor colleague, Michelle. Hmm but pray hard that they will not extend my stay in the company.
So excited for the coming up anniversary. If you are keen to visit my church, you can visit or leave me a comment and I can guide you along to my church at Somerset. Hope to see ya there!! Take care and cheers!!!
Serving in Christ,


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