Tuesday, March 09, 2004

hope 13th Anniversary

Ever wonder how busy you will get if you are really serious about serving God? Haha here is a life example:
Monday - Training a Nexus (CLC1)
Tuesday - Choir Practice for Church anniversary
Wednesday - Practise for CG Praise & Worship
Thursday - Actual CG
Friday - Full Dress Rehearsal for Church Anniversary Service
Saturday - Shepherding with my shepherd and followed by two consecutive Youth services
Sunday - 2 Sunday services and 1 Mandarin service
Amazed and feel challenged? Hmm there's practically no way that I can go home and rest early except perhaps Wednesday after I finished my practice for P & W. But u know something? I'm more than happy to give my all to the Lord. Yes, sincerely... cross my heart man. Indeed, I know many of the people around the world are reading my blog now. Haha... if God is not real, which other god can be better than Him? one who change lives and touch hearts, one who brings many miracles to our lives. One who blesses us even at times when we do not know. One who is always there for us. No one else can be as real as Him. So you know why I serve God so hard now. I ever wrote in my blog before that "I missed serving God", when I was still stuck in my KL assignment. Now I'm back, I shall fulfill what I've promised. I'll serve God even better than last time. So whatever I can, whatever I should, I shall give Him my best.
So believers, (all eyes closed, all heads bowed... no one moving around) hehe.... do respond to the point. Give God your all for He deserves it. Your all prayers, your all in worship, your all in serving Him your all and all. Kekeke.... pls respond by putting your hand on your heart and pray a simple prayer of rededication to Him once again.

He hears you and He LOVES you!!

Love ya loads,


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