Sunday, February 29, 2004

Crisis Management

I went to church today, very early in the morning. On sound duty today. It was not a very good start this morning. When I reached Nexus, I began my very normal routine of checking the stage mixer and stage settings. But the next moment when I went on to the stage, I saw one of the musician holding on to a speaker cable that has just been spoilt. Well, my first intuition is to laugh about it. I know it will cause some kind of "trouble".... indeed just 5 mins later the trouble arrived. Showed the spoilt cable and all got scolded in the end. Well, Christians aren't perfect either. But in my heart, I tell God this, "Cables aren't important. Meeting you in worship and prayers is the most important thing of my life." Thus the next moment, I began to pray and worship the Lord with the rest, beginning the day with God. Hmm, though I still don't know a lot of things at the main mixer, got scolded here and there, but I still thank God for giving me an opportunity to serve Him. Perhaps, this is also considered as a minor crisis in my life. :)
About the sermon today, (listened to it twice) I've learnt that I have to manage crisis in my life with maturity. Only in crisis, it'll reveal the true maturity of a believer. I believe that I will be able to put this into practise so soon, starting from today. Anyway I've tendered in my resignation to my manager on friday evening. It was a traumatic feeling. Because I did not know how to do this. But I still did it with lots of fear and trembling in my heart (cos I did not want to upset anyone in this case.) You know, my current manager is only here for a month plus and have to face a resignation from me, not easy isn't it? Well, but I'm glad that I made it. He did try persuading me to stay till I find a job to replace the current one. But I told him that I'm not doing well physically as I have very frequent headaches... I need to take a short break. But I do hope that God will help me with my job hunt while I take this little break. Hope that it's not going to be a long one though... hehe
So brothers and sisters and friends, this not an altar call.... haha but do pray for me ok? I need prayers and my God is not too small for big prayers as He is too big for small problems. So do remember me!! :p
Love and blessings,
Tricia aka Yanyan


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