Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Yesterday was the last day of my dear colleague, Joella. Supposed to be in March, but somehow my GM managed to force her to ask for early release. Well, when she was happily writing her letter to ask for early release, I was somehow another quite happy and sad. happy for her cos she's able to leave this company with such gladness, knowing that a better job awaits her. Sad is because I am not able to enjoy her company and nonsense... haha!! Right in the beginning I didn't really like her, and when I knew that she is going to Malaysia with me, I was so disappointed... But after I came back from Malaysia and getting to know her better, I realised that she is quite a nice loyal friend to have. Well, though she's so much older than me, (almost one decade ++) but I find that we can clique quite well. But when I tried to invite her to church, she will always come up with lots of excuses and reasons. I hope that when I invite her to church for the coming 13th anniversary, she will not reject. Praying for her to come to know the Lord soon... :) so that she will not be lost and anxious at most times.... It's such a blessing to have a colleague like her.


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