Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Friends are Friends Forever

Yup it has been long since I last wrote my blog. It has been a very busy schedule for me lately. I've learnt something lately - True friends may not stay by your side every moment, but they will be there when you need them most. Very true, recently, something happened at home, I was pretty discouraged at that very point of time. I smsed a few of my buddies, and guess what? One good one called me back immediately. Hmm not that the rest are not good, but I do appreciate the one who came to my rescue immediately. I was really crying like nobody's business when I heard her voice. It was tears of not just sadness and disappointment, but comfort as well. Though many a times, all my buddies are so so busy with their own activities throughout the week, but I believe that in out heart, there is always a room to put our special ones in there. When I feel lonely, I'll take them out of my little rooms in my heart, and think of them and pray for them. It is indeed very good of God to place me in such a community. Though some of them are shy to express their thoughts and care for one another, I know that we truly love one another in Christ. How lonely it is when man have no companionship. How marvellous it is to have just one or two best friends that understands your needs and feelings, providing the best help when you need it most. Start to think about your very close friends and appreciate them, you may have them today, but you might not have them tomorrow. So take time to express!!


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