Friday, January 02, 2004

First Day Of 2004

I had a very wonderful countdown for 2004. It's so exciting to meet the whole GN unit's people at Edwin's and Geok Moi's hse at Punggol. We had bbq food and lots of games at the sky garden... I think it's really a very good chance for the whole GN to mingle around with people from other CGs. Wrote words of encouragement to people in the CG with slips of papers and put them into Ang Pows. Very innovative of Kuan Loong to do that!! Food was good, thank God for Geok Moi who spent so much time preparing all these. Victor and James (GN2) did a wonderful leading of games and everyone really enjoyed themselves. And we had 4 cool "sisters" that did modelling catwalk for us to enjoy... so nice of them hor.

Everything ended with a sharing by Kuan Loong and though people were real tired by then but they still stayed on. I was the earliest to sleep. Couldn't get a quiet corner in the living room to rest so I sneaked into the study room and sat down in a corner quietly without any lights on at all. Those who walked into the room thought that "Sadako" is there or something.... haha. Well, I was busy reflecting my year that night as well as thinking of my father and some other people in my life. Don't know how is my father doing now. Some other people? Hmm. . . . . . Slept at 2am and woke up at 6am. The first thing I did was to wash my face and get ready for a mahjong session. Hehe I took over Steven while he go and sleep. And I won a total of 2 or 3 rounds. *Can't remember.* Keke it was fun. But for your info we were just playing but no $$ involved at all. :)

Went to watch The Lord Of The Rings with Alex, Jonaphine and Victor in the evening. Before meeting them, I went to meet Jonaphine at Plaza Singapura. She was with Royston and David. Hmm the two brothers from YWAM. Although had a very short time chatting with them, but it's nice to see them. Then after, saw Davin [my enemy-Ti Bak (means pork meat!!... hehe) ] I think must change nick for him liaoz.... Cause he slimmed down so much after going NS, l don't see any double chin for him now lor. Maybe call him "lean meat" will be cool. Or Bak Kwah even better because Chinese New Year is coming!! Haha.
The Lord Of The Rings was a great one!! It was a bit scary but also very touching too. Glad that Arwen and Aragorn came together in the end. That's how my first day of 2004 ended.


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