Saturday, November 29, 2003


Had the most fruitful Saturday ever since I'm back home.
Well, morning I went to the L'oreal and Maybelline Warehouse sale at Winsland House. Wow, you can see that it's really a mad rush. Everyone is going after what seems to be the best cosmetics sales of the year!! Haha!!Yes, definitely I'm not left behind. I bought so much that I have never imagined!! Hair dyes, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeshadow, facial products etc.... so fun to shop especially when it is worth the buy. Signages showing "Maybelline Cosmetics - 8 for $10" and "L'oreal Cosmetics - 6 for $10" and " Hair Colour - 5 for $10". Can you imagine that I actually saw some of my ex-poly course-mates and even church-mates there also!! Woah!! When there's good stuff going on, you might even see your long-lost friend... hehe (Just kidding!!)

After that, I went on to eat sushi with my colleague cum good friend @ work. It was a belated birthday treat for her. We ate at Sushi Ondo at Le Meridien hotel. Hmm, the service is not as good as Sakae for sure. At the end of the meal, I told my friend this, "I'll never betray Sakae Sushi again!!" Haha my friend laughed and thought that I'm really corny. Oops.... but ain't I'm like that??

So what happened next?? We went on to shop with the big bags of stuff but feeling satisfied and contented. So after window shopping with my colleague, I continued to meet another person, my shepherd!! Had a great time of sharing of my thoughts and feelings that have been bothering me for the past two to three weeks. Then she gave me a "Yanyan" biscuits ... you know the Meiji brand one... so touched!! Hehe cos my chinese name is Yanyan mah!!

Then the third appointment is to meet my very² good buddy!! She's Weiling!! My sec school buddy till now. We met up, had Ice Blended and tiramisu and chicago cheese cake @ Coffee Bean (wat we call "Kopi Dao" in Hokkien). Had another session of chit chatting and complaints (more for my sake)!! But at the end of the whole session, I know that it is always good to catch up with your buddy once in a while, so that we will share even deeper thoughts isn't it true??? Well, our friendship is not by the number of times we meet up together per week but the number of times that we think of, remember and miss one another per day!! Hehe. So that's my day for Today!! How about yours? Is it fruitful?? Let it be that Jesus blessed your day tomorrow!!

Buaiz.... I'm rushing to plan for some Christmas Eve event. Pray for me!! I need wisdom. ;)


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