Thursday, November 27, 2003

Was on MC yesterday. My sore throat didn't go away especially after the cookies session on Tuesday. Thus cough and sore throat and the on & off flu stuck with me for the whole of Hari Raya holiday. Went to see a doc yesterday morning. Doc gave 4 different medicine which out of 3 will make me drowsy. Thus, after taking them I was really drown in my sleep. Had a good rest and today I'm back to work liaoz. haha indeed sleeping is never enough for me especially. well, after resting for two days, when i return back to work, there's so many things awaiting for me to accomplish. Indeed, it's kinda scary but challenging as well. Thus I wish that I do my part better too.

Well, this year 2003 is coming to an end and it has been such a meaningful year of transition for me. I have grown and mature more. But come to think of it, I still have lots of areas to change. Yesterday, one of my churchmates corrected, asking me not to be judgemental and bitter against people ard me. I was very very pissed off in the beginning as I find that my reasoning is ok and acceptable. But come to think of it, I think my pride just didn't let me go. Well, perhaps what she said is correct but I hope that she come in a more gentle spirit isn't it?

Hope to plan my 2004 resolutions soon and to fulfil them as well.


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