Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What's my feeling today? Excited + Nervous + Full of Aniticipation
This is because some of my Care Group members and Church Brothers and Sisters are coming to Genting and I'll be meeting them up on Friday morning!!
Then you must be wondering why am I so nervous. It's because I will have to go to Genting myself. I've never been there before and I'm kinda worried that I'll be lost (or kidnapped) haha... No worries I've went through lots of exciting journeys. So God will protect and bring me there.

At this point, I would like to thank my two very close buddies - Weiling and Shufen. They knew that I won't be ablee to make it for my birthday in Singapore this week, so they bought me two Levi's vouchers, each cost 20 bucks. I'm really so touched when I reeceived that. Weiling said something like this, "Go and buy the jeans that you want." They know my needs and are sensitive to meet them. Though I don't really meet theirs still. But here I want to say,"Shufen and Weiling, I really love you gals and our friendship is definitely worth more than the $40 voucher for sure!!"
We have been friends since Sec 1 (for Weiling) and Sec 3 (for Shufen). So to count with our fingers... hmm 7 to 9 years of friendship, which is not easy. Quarrels, arguments, dissaticfaction, tears, joy, misunderstanding, encouragement and forgiveness... all these are only the very little that I can describe about our friendship. It's more than these. Shufen - A very simple but yet focus gal for the Lord. She's tomboy but still a pretty gal to us. Pretty and beautiful in the heart as well as looks. An Audio-engineer. Weiling - Funky, fashionable, always sensitive in her skin and arty... cos she's a free-lance actress. Me - Loud, tempermental, leadership-type, domineering and talkative. A marketeer. The three of us, very unique and different, ended up to be the closest friends in the whole of Peirce Secondary School. I know why we are still holding onto one another - Christ Jesus is the focus.

I thank the Lord for all these people in my life. Not forgetting others like Evelyn and Nicole who have been with me also.... Good guys are hard to find nowadays. But think about the statement again. It should be "Good pals are hard to find nowadays." Never break up a friendship especially if they are friends worth keeping.

No one is perfect. Learn to accept others just as others accept u.

Cheerio ~ Trish


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