Wednesday, September 17, 2003

wah. really sleepy now. just had my lunch at 2.30pm and came back to office at 3.15pm. really tired man. now i'm on a sleepy mood. Had so much to do since I stepped into office in the morning till now.

anyway last night was another stay out episode since sunday till now. I was locked outside my apartment cos the duplicated key that my colleague gave me cannot open the 2nd lock of the door. Frustrated... I called up my colleague who is in the pub with his friend asking why he never pass me the original one. he said that just in case i will be sleeping so soundly that I won't open the door for him.
kind of crap. so in the end he gotta leave his pub and come back home to open the door for me. Funniest thing is after waiting for one and a half hour, then he appeared. wah... from 10.30pm all the way till 11.45pm. tired siah. I just sat beside the swimming pool and start to call my ex-poly classmate. hmm... really alot of funny incidents recently. don't know why... haha

Well, now I really want to give thanks to God for letting me have own personal space - a room to myself. So that I can have a quiet place for my quiet time with the Lord. Well... time for a retreat with God liaoz.

Anyway guys if u have prayer requests, please tell me. I have alot of time to pray for u guys. So please let me know your supplications ok? I hear from you guys... blessings coming along with prayers soon...

* To hear from God is a Leisure. To have God is like having a Treasure. To be in God's presence is no pressure but a Pleasure. * Tricia


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