Monday, September 22, 2003

Without any notice and warning, i took a very last minute decision to go back to Singapore (which I'm not supposed to). got a very unfriendly email from my GM. she indicated that I wasn't giving her a daily update of some follow-up that L'm supposed to do. And she stated a sentence, "What's happening to you??" As a very "straight-forward" person, I didn't give her a reason and that evening at around 4 plus, I've decided to go back to my apartment to get my passport and go back to Singapore (though I have not purchased any coach ticket yet). Back at the apartment, took my passport and stuff... wanna call for a cab but no cab willing to bring me to KTM station (as usaul - KL always have jams in the evening).
But after I've called my CL, Alex, we prayed and later on, managed to get a cab coming to my apartment. But the funniest thing is that the cab waited at the wrong lobby of my condo. There it goes... it went off without me. My coach is supposed to leave at 7pm and I haven't gotten a confirmed ticket. There in desperation, I've called the cab companies again and again, time after time. Finally the cab came but only at 6.30pm.

How to reach there in half an hour's time. There God stretched my faith. I was quite doubtful at that time but God just asked me to "believe and not doubt". Got on to the cab. after ten minutes, I was still on the road outside my apartment. Bad jam!! Then the next ten minutes... the traffic started moving. then the next five minutes I'm on highway liao and it's so unbelievable smooth that I reached KTM station at 7pm sharp. Praise the Lord!! Then I went to purchase the ticket from the counter with my colleague. First the guy there said that it is fully booked. Then after double checking, he printed our a ticket for me the next moment!! that's how I got back to Singapore. Every week is so challenging that I have to really rely on God's power and strength.

Last night, while listening to some worship songs, I just started to cry before the Lord. Dunnoe why, I'm just so amazed by God's grace. Again and again. Didn't know what to do at times of distress. After all the incidents, I realised that I'm not so strong after all. All this while, I'm just putting up astrong front, trying to be very capable. haha which I'm not at times. How weak I am and how fragile I can be in this world. Anytime, I might just fall into the devil's trap and plots. i have not poured out before the Lord for a very long time liao. It's such a time of refreshing... God is very gracious. His love never fails. Bible say that "His love endures forever" How true it is!!

I'm looking forward to go back to Singapore at the mid of October if nothing goes wrong. Keep me in your prayers. I believe that He will just bring me back safely. Cheers!!


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