Thursday, September 18, 2003

Quiet Time: 2 Cor 3:1-6

I've just learnt from my Quiet Time last night. To be always competent in God in our ministry, our walk with Him. For such competence is to be fully established in Christ but not our human abilities. With such kind of assurance from God, then we can easily minister to people. not by our experiences and knowledge but by the Spirit of God.

wow. it's a revelation. Though I know all these for years but it never come across to me so strongly before. Guess that it is the Spirit of God that is working within me. Reflecting on the many years of ministry in Youth, I've been always working hard to earn approval from men and doing ministry so as to bring about desired results. But all these didn't bring about the glory of God. I've seen many who left the Lord and many who did not follow God's will thoughout. I've even seen myself fallen into a deep dark pit. Despite all these, God still brought me back eventually. It is not by conincidence but it is by His marvellous love for me and His aboundant grace that is pulling me back.

There has been lots of regrets but also lots of chances given to me. Today I am who I am because of His "Never Give Up On Yanyan" slogan. He has never given up on me before - a non-believer to a believer, a backslider to re-dedication.
Moreover, after so much things in KL, I even want to thank God for helping me to appreciate those around me. Many who have helped me through the tough period in 2002. I shan't mention names. You know who you are right? Well, now I should say that I know at least people care for me. They are not as uncaring as I thought last time. haha (being the insecure me...)

Perhaps I'm still struggling. Lots of things to change and overcome. Perhaps I'm still striving to be the best that I can be. But I know that God will see me through. Not "perhaps" but "confirm + guarantee" !! If you have problems in your life now, how about try making a "U-turn" to the Lord. u will be able to see rainbow after the rain... (as i did eventually)

~ my passion: To worship God forever. Infinity. ~


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