Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hope Faith Love

Amazing love from our heavenly daddy cannot be compared to anyone else at all, not even your spouse.

However I love it when both Alex an myself draw near to God in prayer and worship. Its because that through our experience with Jesus then will we be able to find greater intimacy with each other.

God is amusing. He knows exactly when we start to place much hope and faith in ourselves and will put us in situations to remind us that we need to rely on His power and strength, not on our own. He is not a tyrant btw. He is just trying to teach us to mature in our own beautiful ways.

The past few months have been a real journey for me. The journey that reminds me that my wisdom is no wisdom at all, my experiences are minus compared to the significance of the creator of the earth.

The Lord is gracious and merciful. He will not take me beyond what I cannot bear. He knows exactly where is my breaking point and have decided to pull back from that collapsible.

Above all, hope in the Lord, which will be accompanied by faith in Him. And He who loves me will keep me. He who loves me will always reward me with the best life plan ever.

I will trust in you Lord, by your grace, keep me trusting in You. Amen!



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