Sunday, February 05, 2012

The greatest gift of all

Today, 4 February 2012, marks the day that an old person has gone and a new person has come. And that person is none other than my dearest mum!

Ever since the day that I knew the Lord, I know that He is making changes in my family, in ways that I cannot comprehend. It may not be in the speediest time that salvation arrive in my family, but I know that slowly but surely, all things ate made beautiful in His time.

Mummy's life has always been bitter and tough. My dad has never given her a good life but just tonnes of debts to clear. But today, when I brought to Miracle Service, I have never even thought that she will receive Jesus into her life!! I was truly marveled by God's secret ways and my secret disbelief! Me of little faith!! That's why I need to call myself faith tricia. Ha...

When I popped the question to her, translating what Ps Rony has asked about salvation, she said 'Yes, but can you accompany me to the front?'

I was like.... Of course I will!! And tears of joy came as I hear my mum repeated the sinners' prayers in mandarin! That moment was surreal and it felt like forever! Ya, like eternity!

Praise God for His unfailing love, for me, for my mum and for all mankind!

Mum's salvation is just the first step of how God is going to continue His work in my family!

Glory and honor to the Lord, forever and ever, Amen!!


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