Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Drama Took Place

I went back to Yishun last night. When I stepped into the house I was still listening to my MP3 player.. Didn't realise that a drama was taking place outside.. at my neighbour's place. A bit of background, my neighbour here is a old couple, maybe in their late 60s and they have a son of 25 year old. The son has a child of 5 years old. The mother of the child is definitely not with him anymore. However the mother of this cute little boy still brings him out once in a while.

The drama took place when I heard my neighbour - the auntie, crying and talking in cantonese, which of cos I can't understand a single sentence at all. I thought that he was quarreling with his husband, therefore, I didn't take a second glance. But later on, I got to know that it was her son that was creating havoc. He ran to the road in front of my hse and started to attempt commiting suicide by asking the vehicles to knock him down. My gosh! I was like... my elder bro then went to the road trying to pull him back. Then he came back and went to the nearb void-decks, wanting to beat up the passer-bys. I think I was really afraid to respond at this point. I think he was on drugs.. This is not his usual self.

His girlfriend was at his house. She was crying, banging her head against the wall. But mind you, she is not easy to handle as well. I wanted to help but I didn't know how to. But all in all, an ambulance came, the police came etc.. Nightmare...

After this incident, I was just thinking to myself.. how can one's life be so messed up? Yes, one's life can be so messed up if it is without God. It may not be so horrendous but it will be lacking of God's fullest plan all in all. I pray that God will use me to help him know Christ soon. Such a testimony will display God's richest glory and power and majesty. Lord, only you can change lives! Because mine was changed too!


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