Saturday, August 30, 2008

A more complete family photo that I have in my PC... These were taken during my sister's wedding in 2006...

The row at the back are my family members. The first from left is my eldest uncle, followed by third uncle, my bro, my mum, my sister and my brother-in-law. You must be wondering where am I? I also dunnoe.. maybe busy socializing with my friends.... I missed my eldest uncle dearly... It has been 2 years since he left us... He was so fragile but yet, he gave us the great joy everytime he visits us. He was like a father to me...

Oh ya, the ones sitting down are - (From the left) my third uncle's girlfriend, my ex-neighbour and her son, YongJie, followed by my kindergarten friend's parents. My mum ended befriending my kindergarten friend's parents instead of me with my classmate. Strange isn't it?

These are my immediate family members. My youngest nephew was still in the tummy of my sis-in-law... I hope to bring an impact to everyone's life here.



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