Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Busy busy??

I've realized that lately I haven't been too busy in my schedule.. Finally, I am learning to balance my time well and starting to enjoy time with friends. Many of those who have knew me for long will know that I am well-known to be a busy-bee. Always fully packed with activities (still am...) and always busy with moving from gathering to gathering, celebration to celebration, fun to fun.

But now, I think I am just learning to let go of some stuff and just enjoy time at home, reading books and listening to songs. These are things that I haven't done for ages. When I did that, I just feel so much better because I finally have time for myself.

I've learnt this from a friend recently, pacing one self at work and for different priorities is indeed a way to keep one to be on the right track in the long haul.

Well, perhaps my body has grown old and that is also why my mind has grown old too. haha... I just need to learn to sit down, relax and be at peace with God.


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