Monday, August 25, 2008

My take on Mike Guglielmucci

In John 8:1-11, Jesus illustrated a very good example when the adulteress was being caught by the Pharisees and they wanted to stone her to death. But Jesus was wise and says in verse 7, “"If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Jesus is so wise and that it is so true that no one is credible enough to condemn anyone because we are all sinners in one way or another. That is why Jesus came for the sick and not the healthy because it is the sick that needs the doctor, isn’t it? If anyone is perfect and sinless, that would only be Jesus.

In the incident of Mike, I was reflecting about the pros and cons. We can only point finger at him, rebuke, correct or even condemn as the Pharisees did. However, will that ever benefit anyone? Will this ever help Mike to come out of his slumber?

In fact, I affirm his courage to confess his sins. After 16 years of bondage, after 2 years of cover up, he knew that there is a lot of consequences that he got to bear after all the lies that he has told. It ain’t easy for him either. But yes, he took that responsibility to confess and repent. With that act, he does have the heart of wanting to turn around. The question is not why didn’t he repent earlier? The question should be why the world’s attention is turned on his sin instead of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

If Jesus is physically with us today, He would have affirmed Mike, encouraged him and ask him to move on. He would have taken meals with him, spend time with him and help him overcome his distress. Jesus is credible. He loves us all and He would definitely hug Mike and grant him this thing call “forgiveness”.

I am not disclaiming the fact that we should disregard the entire saga, forgive him and forget about the entire incident. Yes! He needs to be responsible over all the impact that he has caused in such a time as this. He needs to ask for forgiveness and he needs to give up many of his rights and choose to be humble once and again! But we need to be responsible Christians that seek to display Christ-like character in this. Not to condemn, not to judge and not to criticize. We ought to forgive, ought to love and ought to pray for Mike and his family. I can imagine the kind of distress, pressure and uncertainties that the family is facing. I felt sad for them. I can sense God’s compassion for this family. They have been faithful servants all this generation and they did not even anticipate this to happen. But yet, I do believe that they still love God wholeheartedly.

Let us give time and grace for this family and all who have fallen, should be picked up again because God favors those who change and repent.

Who doesn’t sin? In fact, we are all sinners! Who doesn’t fall? In fact, we are all fallen short of God’s perfect glory? Who doesn’t need a second chance? We all need that second chance? In fact, some of us need more chances than others.

And for his song, Healer, it is biblical and it is true. It exalts God’s name and God’s attributes. Why stop singing it? The song is still a song of worship unto God. It all depends on the heart of the worshiper.


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