Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing the People... in Northern-Eastern Thailand

It has been almost a year since we last visited Maesot in Thailand. It is kind of a feeling and it is indescribable. The warmth, the love and the unity. I just miss the life of simplicity in Thailand. The love that they have for the Lord is tremendous. Their lives speak of sacrifice, wholeheartedness and glorification unto the Lord. I really miss their presence.

It is only when people who willingly give of their time, talents and treasures, then will they be able to be satisfied in the Lord. Ultimately, we are just living in this temporary place call "earth" and we have greater things ahead to be blessed with.

Seriously speaking, I know that many will say that going back to Thailand to serve in missions will not help you in looking at a greater perspective elsewhere. But to me, re-visiting Thailand always encompass me to learn new things in new perspectives.

In fact, we will never learn enough.

Still, my fav pic of missions.

The granny and her grand-daughter...

This picture of the family in the church is the first pic that I took when I reached the village. Lovely family... :p

My twin in Thailand..

My family in Maesot...

There are more lives on earth for us to win over to the Lord than we could ever imagine.
If only we would step out of our comfort zone... we will never be able to realize how much impact we can bring to the people at all corners of the globe.

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