Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Tan Siblings

The Tan Siblings

Yesh, introducing to you the pretty, handsome, attractive, charismatic, mischievious, active, hyper, sporty, full of energy kids in the family... the Tan Siblings!!

Please do not undermine the power of these kids. They have the power to raise your blood pressure to the peak, make you speechless and at times kill your appetite for food! However, the most angelic time of the day is of cos, when they were all sleeping!! How amazing is that!!

From top to bottom is my youngest nephew Timothy, Angel and the one with the most "欠qian4打da3" face is my eldest nephew, Gabriel. haha...

Sometimes, as the aunt, I really discipline for their behavior. Although this should be their parents' job, the parents are also busy at work that they are unable to witness their devilish behavior at home. And scheming they are, they behave in such a obedient manner in a very convincing fashion, that their parents will never know of their "monkey" acts when they weren't around. haha...

Although they are mischievious, they are still kids aren't they? I truly hope that these 3 will grow up to know the Lord and understand God's plan for them. As I am not at home nowadays, I really hope that they will really behave and learn their ways in an obedient manner. That is why HopeKids play such an important role!

I won't be able to see them until 2 weeks later. I think I will really miss them a lot!!

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