Friday, May 30, 2008

God is placing a burden in me

It must be God. He is just so moving in my heart, mind and soul. He is placing a burden in me. It has been a while for me, to think through abt Africa. I never thought that it will be Africa. I thought it will be some nice city and beautiful place for me to do missions work. However, it is actually for the very poor and helpless that God has called me to.

For the past few months, "Africa" simply appears in every form in my life. May it be the sharing with friends or my sheep, may it be the TV programmes, may it be the news, may it be the videos etc. It simply brings a even deeper sense of conviction and connection.

Looking at the video last night at the District Missions night brings me to a greater sense of urgency and desire to fulfill what has been called of me and every believer - to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. The end is pretty near us and I do not want to waste any more time. I shared with my shepherd about my conviction, with pretty much of laughter and I guess that she thought that I wasn't serious. But I am serious. Seriously serious.

She shared that this is and will be a commitment for me to respond to being a missions goer, to Africa. I told her that if I want to go, I would not want to test ground. I simply want to go. Haha.. what a faith-filled me right? haha... but she said "NO!!". I need to go there and see the people, test the ground and develop even much more compassion for the souls there.

Ok. I agreed. I will take the next 2-3 years to grow and root myself strongly in the Word, doctrines, V&P, teachings, skills, foundation, health and stamina etc. There are so much things to learn and grow when you seriously consider the fact that you don't have much youth left. I aim to leave for missions before I turn 30. If not, I think I will really grow old and unable to move. I am willing to give up my rights. Yes, I will.

"Learning to stick to the reason for mission - The Cross"

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