Monday, May 26, 2008

Change of Blogskin

After exploring so many options and varieties, I finally managed to settled for this blogskin. Haha... it is kinda kiddish but I like it because it is super duper Colorful!

Spent quite a bit of time understanding what is html code. And now, I finally can appreciate html language. The only sad thing is that this skin do not allow comments. Hmm, can someone teach me how to do in the comment portion pls?

Anyway, pls give me comments if you have any ideas... haha, but then, it will still be subjected to approval! :p

btw, I was kinda disappointed ydae.. I was crying like non-stop ydae... haiz.. or should I categorise that as sobbing... someone lied to me. I felt so deceived. :( anyway it is over. I need to move on.



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