Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yvonne's Big Big Day!

Yvonne's Big Big Day!

I attended Yvonne aka bon-bon's big big day yesterday!! I think the whole wedding is such a blessed one and one of the most spiritual that I've ever seen! I am really and seriously blessed by this couple, Yvonne and Anthony. They are one of the couples that I see to be spiritual and God-fearing. They declared that they want to serve God all the days of their lives. How wonderful and pleasing it is for God to hear these touching words!!

Mrs Ho aka Ms Yvonne Kong

The whole exortation, PnW, Song presentation etc.. was filled with awe. Although it wasn't the kinda church wedding programme that Hope will have, but it certainly ministered to me one way or another. The bride took the mic and start leading and worshipping God. I've never seen this before ever. Btw, she is actually one of the worship leaders in her church's mandarin congregation.

Every single word that she prayed was filled with anointing, gratitude and adoration for Jesus. There are just so much more that I can say about this bride. She is indeed a gift of joy and love to the family and friends in her life. You can see that the entire auditorium easily filled up 300 people.

Yvonne and Anthony, may I wish the best to both of you as you serve and love God with all your heart. :)

Mr and Mrs Anthony Ho

~ me and Mrs Ho :p~

~Cindy and Yvonne~

~Sharon and me~

~ Anne and me! missed her lots!!~

~ Anne and Elgin ~

As you can see, I did not just catch up with Yvonne but I managed to meet many Coaches from HA. hee.. really miss this bunch of fellas. :p See u guys soon!!

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