Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend spent catching up...

Last weekend was well-spent as I had a good time catching up with ex-colleagues from FP. Anyway here are some photos of my ex-colleagues... many pretty gals... brothers, don't drool ok?? hahaha...

This gal that I took pic with is my replacement at FP. haha... She seems to be quite cute... and guess what? My boss quite like her too... :)

Ilyana, she just had her FREEDOM last Friday!! Hooray!! Congrats gal!!!

Huiming, Gillian and Ying Jiin...

Pretty babes...

Huiming and Gillian

Benny and Meng Yuan..

I also caught up with Ps Shirls.. She just came back from the LC at KK. She brought back with her more stories and convictions about missions to Africa. And that brought me to tears..

Seriously hope to do something for Africa. There are simply so many things that i need to accomplish before my time is up on this earth. haha.. sounds like i am going to leave any time soon. Anyway Ps Shirls promised me a video clip which I would want to show to those who are interested to go to Africa. :) So Ps Shirls, pls hurry hurry... I want the clip. :p hee...

Oh ya, I actually bumped into Yvonne, the bride to be... haha... She's getting married this sat and I actually bumped into her ydae at Centrepoint Mac!

Yvonne, see ya this Sat!

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