Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking forward to Church Camp 2008

This year's church camp is about "Care Group". I don't know the exact theme but it is definitely talking about Care Group as a family. I have been thinking about the many CGs that I have been in. Every single one of them seems so special, unique and different. I know that God has placed the different spiritual family in my life for a good cause. I want to remember them. I won't want to forget them too. However, it is so true that a spiritual family remains only spiritual when each member of the family plays his or her part to relate to Jesus.

I looked back to this year - 2008. It is such an amazing journey of how God has brought me through for the past 12 years in Hope. Attending church camps is no longer a surprise but it is a "looking-forward" kinda feeling. I've attended close to 20+ church camps and retreats. So how different can it be except for the different themes and committees. But one thing I know for sure. I don't want to forget about my renewal of relationship with Christ. It should be a time that I reflect and remember why I am still a Christian. Talk about Sabbath Day, camp is just like a sabbath to me.

I hope that this year's camp will be a time that the care groups grow to draw closer to God so that the whole Adult congregation will grow in the Lord and walk into the promised land eventually. It is a promise from God and to God! :)



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