Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giving Directions

I was walking down to take bus at Le Meridien's bus-stop last sunday, after meeting up my leader. As myself n JM parted, 1 of the 3 China guys (in their mid-20s I guess) approached me. I was like question mark... He asked me how to get to China Embassy from Le Meridien. Hmm, sad to say, I don't know where is China Embassy. But then, I started calling one sister from my Unit, who is also from China. She gave me the directions and I quickly gave them the directions. All I could say is that it is at the end of Orchard road, which is like very very very away... haha.. talk about describing with limited vocab... I can be the champ for that! haha~!

Then, when I took my bus and alighted at Raffles Hotel, I walked towards Bras Brasah Complex and suddenly, an early 50s-aged man, quite petite sized, approached. I was laughing to myself in my heart, wondering why today is such a day when people kept asking me for directions. It seems that I have an approachable face or a street-smart look... (literally street-smart isn't it?? Hee..) He asked me where is Bugis and how to walk there... if it is still quite a distance away. This time round, I could only say that it is this, "It is very near... just walk straight and you will reach Bugis." He started complimenting that I speak very good mandarin and asked if I am from overseas or something. I was like... hmm, quite a first time for someone to comment on my mandarin and that I don't sound like a Singaporean. haha... He further asked if I know Cantonese.

Hmm, how would I know Cantonese right? haha... Then he told me that he was from Hong Kong and he is now staying with his sister in Singapore. And guess what, he speaks very good English too. Guess that Hong Kong and Singapore has something in common. We were all once British Colonies. :p

Anyway this isn't the first time that people ask me abt directions. Maybe I have this gift of giving directions that I should start to offer others directions to a place permanent and eternal - the direction salvation. :)



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