Monday, May 05, 2008

Wisdom + Courage + Anointing

It was really an awesome Sunday. Ps Jeff preached about how members and leaders should relate to each other and each should play his or her own part. It talked about how members should respect and honor our leaders by taking care of them and their needs, whether financial or physical.

However, leaders are not being given the easy way out. They ought to do their best in teaching and doing God's work as well. Leaders who deal well with the affairs of the church ought to be honored doubly.

I think this is really a lack in the church right now and I am convicted, not because I am a leader but because the Bible says so. Many a times, as a leader, there are burdens that you have to carry through. But seldom will there be anyone who will really understand what a leader has to face. Leaders should build strong biblical friendships among themselves. In this way, the church will grow in quality, when the net is strong.

Ps Jeff prayed for all the leaders during altar call. It was seriously amazing and ministering... He prayed this for us, "Wisdom, Courage and Anointing". Wow.. I needed tt badly! isn't it true that I need so much more wisdom, courage and anointing to lead God's pple? It is not easy to lead, especially when some children are pretty spoilt... hahaha...

Widom + Courage + Anointing = Outreach + Discipleship



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