Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Mum is Attached!!

Yes! You are not reading a wrong title.. my mum is attached witha boyfriend now! hohoho... I was surprised that I discovered in Sept that my mum is secretly on the phone all the time.. I was obviously not sensitive to her secret calls...but then when I got to know it, I realised that I was the last member to find out.. even my maid knew it before me... alamak!! So I am S.L.O.W...

Anyway, after her divorce with my dad in 2004, I am glad that she finally found another man who can be her companion. I am even happier that I met him on the Deepavali holiday that just passed. He is a very gentlemanly guy and he speaks good english. Most imptly, my mum and him have a very cute way of communication. My mum and him will speak mandarin, but he in his very broken mandarin will often make my mum laugh. In return, he will teach my mum english... haha... wat a creative way to know one another...

Anyway I am going to slp now.. tmr I will be bringing my nephew n niece to church.

Gd nite peeps!

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