Sunday, April 18, 2004

Thought of the day

Nope. There's no quotes from me this time. No super duper statements. Just my thought. I thought I am really good but recently I realised that I simply am not. Realised that my thoughts of the negative side always overwhelmed me when there are thousands and thousands of good ones in mind. Rushing here and there, thinking that no friend cares to understand, but indeed there are many who still remembers me in their hearts. They don't call or sms me doesn't mean that they remember me in their hearts. In fact, my Lord remembers me but do I remember Him at all times? That's another pondering question for me. I missed many... ... ... many, many, many... countless people... People that have went through my life's stages, at any one point in my life. Primary schoolmates, secondary school friends, my TK and TKG gals, Temesak secondary (the school that I went almost crazy for), Dunman High, VS, RI, Chung Cheng, Broadrick, Gan Eng Seng... etc... Many schools that I've pioneered and many people that I've seen... many with tears and efforts... I remember them but I don't know how are they doing at this moment. Hope that they are still with the Lord. My sheep, grand-sheep and great-grand sheep... Geok Eng, Jialin, Khim Kieng, Isabel, Crystal, Xiaowoon, Faith, Sally, Adelene, Sylvia, Junxi, Melanie, Meijuan, Anna, Jack, Winston, John, Yiwen, Tian En, Yi Siang, Lloyd, Camy, etc.... ... so many of them... takes months for me to mention name by name... haha... Thanks for making my life even more colourful... sheeps (",)


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