Thursday, February 26, 2004

Funny Isn't It?

On Monday, we had a wonderful time learning from Ps Ben on the components of P&W in our church, the principles and outward expressions. But the funny thing happened only after the teachings. I was walking out of NEXUS with jona and there we saw the Ray Phay from Youth.... While chatting and walking down the escalator, Ray said something to irritate me. Being the very, I screamed into his ear, and guess what? The very next moment, a little sign board dropped off the door of a KTV. Then all of us burst out in laughter... haha!! hmm it's really a very funny and embarassing experience. Never did I expect my voice (noise) to be so powerful.... :p
Well, now I know why some people cannot stand me. It's because my voice is powerful enough to destroy.... haha


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