Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Counting down - 3 more days!!

Yes, I'm counting down to my tendering of my resignation. Seems to be confused of what's coming ahead of me. But I'm sure to know that God has greater and better plans for me. I know that I'm going to and will trust God in whatever that He's going to provide. Meanwhile, I think I better plan how I should go about taking a short break, serve God with the time that I have and give my best to the ministries that God has granted me to serve in. Oh yar, one thing for sure, I got to save and be thrifty and change my spending habit. No more cab transport, fast food, snacks, movies... haha got to be a real different me (just like the one that's still studying in poly few years back). Frankly speaking, i know there is lots of things holding me back from tendering. But I need to. Because this job is really draining me emotionally and mentally. What I really need to do now is - Sit Back, Relax, Listen. Listen to what God wants to tell me. Great!! That's it!!!
"The day I left home, I know I broken His heart"


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