Friday, February 27, 2004


It's a Sunny Friday. Beautiful day!! Today's heart is rejoicing because I have God's approval in the decision I've made. Learnt about focusing on God yesterday.
Killers of Spiritual Life: *Worries *Guilty *Tiredness (Can't remember the last one liaoz...)
It was really amazing on how almost the majority got these 4 symptoms in our lives throughout the entire week. Indeed, we have been really honest isn't it? No wearing of masks yar? This is something I'm proud of myself. (Not pride though) I know that I don't wear mask to people who know me or don't know me. I'm simply me. I laugh when I want to. I cry when I am down. I complain when I am not happy. Some people think that Christians are flawless. But to tell you something, Christians might have even more flaws than those who are not. But you know something? We live by faith and grace not by the judgement of people. But definitely, we still need to change and grow according to the standards of the bible, isn't it true? So when someone sarcastically say this to you (something similar), "You Christian ar? Don't look like leh?" (In singlish) then you can always reply this way, "Yar lor, I'm a Christian but still imperfect in many ways." Be proud that you are a child of God!! Let the Daddy in Heavens rejoice because you are not ashamed of His name.


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