Friday, February 20, 2004

Someone reminded me that age is catching up with me... and guess what? I'm turning 23 this year. Time really flies... It seems like it was just the start of my poly days yesterday, bullied by classmates (how can it be possible??) and struggling with my homework in Stats. But it is very true.... I've graduated for 2 years and working now. A very different me from my poly days but the very same me in Christ. Perhaps same love for God or even more. Different me - stronger and more firm in my decision making. Well, it seems that God really moulds me and prunes me. The ups and downs never seem to end. Cos I know that God is preparing me for something bigger, better and wiser! Someone ever told me this, "Tricia, you will be very successful one day!". I was laughing to myself when I heard that. You mean, "Me?? How could it ever happen?" Well, it must be joke... Haha!! But when I think back now, perhaps, it's a God-given revelation. People come to me and ever said things that could be so destructive. But there are some that strengthened me so much in my heart. So many voices ringing in my heart now. I can only say this, "Lord, I want to listen to you more." Though 23 might seems not too old, but it's time I should give careful thoughts to my life, how I should walk it, spend according to what God has planned. So careful planning.... in the spirit.... :)


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