Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catch up time and NDP Rehearsal

Last Saturday, I took the time in the morning to meet up with a long time friend with another long time friend. That will be Alex and BeeNah. Frankly, the main objective is to meet BeeNah of cos... as I haven't seen her for 2-3years le. As for Alex, I do catch up with him on and off... haha... so it is ok not to mention abt him... :p

Anyway I managed to contact BeeNah through facebook and then, I realised that this girl is already married and has a 20-mth old baby girl... mind you, her girl is simply adorable!! But too bad, i didn't managed to see her that day, but one day, I shall see her... :p

We had a fairly good time together and BeeNah is pretty much the same. I missed her suaning too..

Here's a photo of us together...

After meeting up with BeeNah, I had a bit of free time and so, went to Alex's office and nua... haha... i was so nua that I fell asleep at his office's reception. Silly right... but still, the office's sofa is pretty comfortable man...

After catching a nap, I went to meet my sheep Mikka at Bugis. And the highlight of that afternoon and evening was the NDP Rehearsal. haha... we didn't plan this at all. So 2 of us, went to Fullerton at about 4.30pm and we stood, sat, stood throughout the evening. And finally we saw the fireworks!!! They were simply so mesmerizing!! It was indeed worth the wait! I want to go again this Sat... anybody wanna come with me?? hee...

Anyway here are some of the pics of the rehearsal... Enjoy the show this Sat... it will be a memorable one for you :)

By the way, pls bring your umbrella along if you are going... cos the weather is very hot and the water from the Merlion is like rain from the sea... haha

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow the pics are really beautiful !


Fri Aug 08, 02:15:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

haha... thanks Darren! I love the pics too... it will be nicer if i have a better camera. :P

Fri Aug 08, 02:35:00 PM GMT+8 

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