Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Power of Words

Lately, I had a misunderstanding with some friends around me. This misunderstanding has taught me a great deal about the power of words. Sometimes, your words that you speak might not be put across in the same meaning as you intended to. This always happen to me, somehow.

Similarly, I hear of people (every now and then) manipulating others' words and sowing discords among other close friends. This is a very sad case because somehow words simply destroy, kill or distance relationships or friendships.

Definitely, words don't serve as mean of killing. Words can revive and resurrect the dead. People who are dead emotionally, spiritually etc can also be revived by positive and affirmative words. Have we done so lately?

Many times, we claimed that we love as Christ loves, forgive as Christ forgives, but do we really liberate others by forgiving or loving others, just as who they are, in your life?

People do not need your judgment call, your second-guess or your irrational thoughts? They need a second chance, just as we always do. Who are we to sentence others? Who are we to say that they don't deserve that "turning over a new leaf"?

If God didn't give me that second chance, I can warrant complete "defeat" in my life.

So the question is this," Have you empowered with your words lately? Or have you sentenced others to lifetime jail term already? Or simply to say, you simply choose to be silent?".

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