Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Updates for last weekend!

Last Friday, I attended the GoForth conference with Lirong. Thereafter, I was feeling very hungry. Thus, when I bumped into Livi and her CG people, I was overfilled with joy. haha... They were on their way to movie at Plaza Sing. I was so so happy... Thus, I went with them for supper, not knowing that there might be an extra ticket for Dark Knight! Cool.. so I went with Livi and the rest for the movie. It was a good time of fellowship at BK before we went up for the movie. And here's a pic of me n Livi! (Livi, pls dun kill me bcos I know you dun like this pic.. but I like it 100%!!!) hahaha...

After the show, I went home with Vanez straight as we were all like zombies? haha... the show ended at 2.15am i think if i remember it correctly. The entire movie was cool to the bitz! A must watch again!!

Sat came and I had a bridal shower with the bride-to-be, Jieyi!! It was really a gd time of fellowship with the sisters! So much fun, and chatting... which we love it very much! All the best to Jieyi and Thomas who are getting married this Sat!

On Sunday, I met up with Nic & Wilfy, Gelene & Steve for lunch and fellowship. It was an impromptu one.. trust me man. So we went to Killiney to look for some people and went for a drink at Dempsey's Grocers store. Beautiful and nice place. For you to discover more in the pics below... :p

This photo depicts how silly I can be... silly silly silly...

Wilfy, me and Nic... I'm still in the middle.. hahaha...

Gelene and Steve, missed u guys so much! Gd to see both of u ard more... :D

That was how I spent my weekend before my hospital drama began on monday morning... bleah...

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