Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hospital Drama

I woke up this morning at 7am having a very bad abdominal pain. It was a hopeless pain. Reminded me of the pains that I had few years back when I had stone in my gall bladder. So I tried to tolerate until I couldn't any longer. I ended up vomiting. It didn't end for the first round. It went on to 2nd and 3rd. It was bad. My tummy was very bloated and I couldn't really move around but to lie on my bed. That was a very bad one.

Well, everyone left home for work and I thought I could see a doctor on my own. But in the end, I couldn't take it any more and I called the ambulance myself. The ambulance came in 10 mins time and came to bring me to NUH. The pain did not improve and I started diarrhea-ing when I reached the hospital. Diarrheas, vomiting, pain... I almost thought that I am going to die. I can't even maneuver the wheelchair myself.

Anyway, I saw the doctor only an hour later and I was feeling so bad already. The Doctor took my blood for test and the needle was very big... man... Plus the fact that I saw my blood oozing out of the tube, that I felt even more sianz... my blood... then the nurse gave me an injection and put me on drip of 1 litre of sodium chloride and another litre of don't know what liquid. Took medication and stayed at the observation ward for almost 3-4 hours.

The doctor said that my blood showed signs of infection... but don't know where... haiz.. anyway, hope that there won' be any more complications soon. :) The doctor concluded that I had stomach flu and I have 2 days of MC for now. Thanks to all who have shown concern, before and after. Perhaps, it is really that God wants me to have a good rest ba.



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