Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go Forth 2008

I attended yesterday's Go Forth Conference evening rally and was greatly inspired by YWAM's President, Rev Loren Cunningham. He shared a sense of humor but yet with a vision to reach the world population. The personal challenge for me is to reach out to the younger ones in other countries and to turn it around by being relevant, engaging and also to disciple 120 disciples in my lifetime. The key to reaching the whole world will be discipleship discipleship and discipleship. I think that is something everyone should hold onto in their lives. That is to be a disciple and a disciple-maker.

He also shared that there are 4,3oo+ Omega zones in the world. We need to start by sending one out to each zone and the Great Commission will be done!

So excited about what God is going to do and I just can't wait to see Jesus coming back for us soon!



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