Thursday, July 17, 2008

Balance of Love

I think my tolerance level for people and things have gone down. Nowadays, I get so easily irritated by things and people around me. Gosh! I'm supposed to be a patient and loving Christian isn't it? haha.. But I think as I grow more in my years (sounds old...), I realized that many rights and wrongs, experiences in my life etc, will push me to judge or comment about things in a speedier way.

There were many times that I get angry or upset about certain reactions that people gave to me. I often try to justify with the fact that I don't deserve such treatment. Well, perhaps it may be true, or it may not be true. I was sharing with my CG yesterday that it is so easy to demand from brothers and sisters in church. Statements like this go through our minds sometimes, "They should love me for who I am..." or "Well, I am sick. Why is there anyone from the CG showing care to me?" or "What? You want me to give even when I am in need? What a joke!!"

It has become a fact that people around us are getting to intolerant with one another and expectations have rose over the years. But some has stopped to shower love and insist on receiving from others. While some others has refused to give and receive care from others. There are still some that keeps on giving but forgetting to receive at the end. Well, there should be a balance somehow isn't it?

Keep on giving and not receiving and you will find yourself "chao-ta" (burnt) one day.
Keep on asking for more and not sharing with others and you will find yourself in no different position from the spoilt brat at the neighbour next door.
Keep on refusing others' love and care and you will end up on an island with just "Wilson".
Keep on loving others and being loved by others and you will only become more Christ-liked.

I think I do fall into each of this category somehow or another in my life. I need to balance it up all in all. Simply to say, I don't want to end up with "Wilson" and I want to be more like Him who loves me. :)



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