Monday, July 28, 2008

The Newly Wedded Couple - T & J

Alright! Finally, the day for Thomas and Jieyi has finally arrived! 26 July 2008!

The couple finally walked the aisle and committed their lives as one to God! It was an awesome time because God really saw them through the entire process... and finally, we can all take a deep breathe in! *phew*

So I reached the place pretty early... 9 am... And the one earlier than me will be Ms Josherine Toh... Thank God for Josh.. she helped me to get plasters or else I think my poor foot's blister will suffer even more! hee..

Anyway below are some pics for the wedding... :p

Introducing the worship team... Beng Eu and Josherine as Back-up and Pamela as my Pianist... A team with very good spirited people... Really love you guys... Hee... (Missing in action... Mr Looe Kuan Loong...) I think he was busy fixing his guitar ba...

The gals... Long time friends since youth days... (but don't know why Josherine cannot remember tt...hahaha...)

The couple!! Jieyi and Thomas... Aren't they lovely?!?!?! hee...

Mikka, May, Lirong and Mikka's Ex-Colleague

Me and moi sheep... Gloria...

Gloria, myself and Ei Li!!

Hmm, actually I did take photo with the bride and groom but then the photos are with Penny. Hope to get the pics soon so that I can update here. :p

Anyway a message for Thomas and Jieyi:

Dear Mr and Mrs Thomas Wong,

It has been a great journey with both of you for the past 4-5 years. I believe that this journey will be even greater for the coming years. I am glad that God has put both of you in my life to bless me and take care of me. May our friendship continue to blossom and bear fruit. I am glad to be a friend and sister to you. Thanks for everything.

Hope that you guys will be able to bear much fruit in Christ... not just in kids. Haha...


Love and bless,
Tricia aka Yanz

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