Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adapting to Changes

Few weeks ago, I was doing a sharing with my CG on the ability to adapt to changes. However, after speaking so much, I knew that I am still adapting to rapid changes in my life. For the past 6 months, changes are more than just a constant. Major or minor, there were just too many to count. I was thinking... have I grown immune to changes or have I not realized that the changes were coming so fast that perhaps I have even overlooked them.

I looked within my heart and my life. Being an outspoken and easy-going gal, I do not mind changes at all. In fact, I support them! However, I thought through and realized that there might be side effects of changes sometimes. In fact, stability could be quite a key to holding changes well in my life. I need to be stable, immovable and firm.

Just as God is stable, immovable and firm in His promises to us, even in the midst of changes in this world. That is the wonder of God. He is just who He is. :)

At the end of the day, we all have to finish that very special race that God has marked out for us. The weather may change. The other runners may slow down. Some even surpasses us. There might even be injured ones along the way. But to the runner that focuses and runs with perseverance, no injury or side factors will deter him or her to finish the race!

Just as the saying goes,

"Start the race well and end it even better!"

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