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J.CO Donuts & Coffee

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Heaven
Lifestyle - Dining
Written by Leslie Lin
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 14:36

Heaven comes to Singapore - in the form of J.CO Donuts & Coffee lifestyle cafe.

Located at Raffles City’s newly-renovated Basement One, this J.CO Cafe is set to be the first among many other J.CO outlets opening soon at a location near you.

As America’s favourite cartoon character Homer Simpson’s favourite snack, donuts have undoubtedly become one of Singaporeans’ favourite too. Whether coated with cheese, chocolate, sugar or strawberry, they make for a great snack that no one can resist. From the sight of Singaporeans, both young and old, working executives and students alike queues everywhere for the best-tasting donuts, you realise that donuts have taken over Singapore.

With J.CO, one of the fastest growing lifestyle café chains with more than 30 outlets in Asia in a relatively short period of two and half years, you know there must be something special about these gorgeous-looking donuts. Founder Johnny Andrean reckons that the innovative range of “light-as-air-donuts” aside, the strategic location of J.CO outlets and its’ superior quality beverages should take some credit.

Lifestyle Cafe

Priding itself for creating a lifestyle café concept that is vibrant and energetic, stylish yet interactive and customer-friendly, it caters to the lifestyle expectations and needs of the increasingly affluent and demanding consumers. Unlike any other retail donut outlet, J.CO stands out wit its strong cosmopolitan and artistic interior design, which is comfortable, modern but with a touch of fun and just a drop of quirkiness, as reflective of the brand. The specially selected collection of hip and urban tunes have also contributed to the unique customer experience only at J.CO cafes.

The Drinks

Boasting a fine selection of 30 beverages, many of which are unique to the brand. Only the best Arabica coffee beans, procured from the best regions in Latin America, are selected, shipped and roasted in Italy to produce their aromatic beverages. Some signature drinks include the Almonetta Freeze, an ice blend of vanilla, milk, and real almond bits, the Choco Mint, a refreshing mix of chocolate and mint peppered with little chocolate pearls and the Thai Tea, a slightly spicy, fragrant tea that is the perfect complement to the donuts.

Donuts Galore

And finally, we come to J.CO’s signature “light-as-air”, great-tasting donuts - the ringed wonders that has been driving everyone into a frenzy. Soft and not too sweet, the donuts have all been glazed and filled with only premium toppings and fillings. Made using specially processed flour concocted and produced only for J.CO to create the signature feather-light texture and taste, the dough is also carefully prepared before baking.

J.CO offers 25 different varieties of donuts, each with its unique identity and fun name. Some sellers are the Al Capone, Choco Cavier, Choco Loco, Mango Blitz and their signature Glazzy - which feels like biting into a soft, delicious cloud. Of special mention include the J.Crown donuts - JCrown Oreo, JCrown Choco, JCrown Almond and of course my personal favourite, JCrown Donatella, coated with chocolate and almond flakes that make for a deliciously sinful snack. Prices start from $1.20 each and $18.00 for two dozens worth of delicious donuts.

J.CO Cafes haves been specially created to touch all five senses of the trendy, upwardly mobile and fashionable individual, meaning you. Feast your eyes on the beautiful donut showcase, engage in lively, up-beat music and succumb to your cravings with freshly-baked donuts, perfectly paired with a cup of aromatic coffee, while lounging in plush interiors and soft, comfortable couches. Adding the final element are the team of vibrant and energetic baristas that seek to serve up the perfect treat just for you.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
252 North Bridge Road #B1-44M/N
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 4258 Fax: 6333 5724


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