Thursday, May 22, 2008

Falling Sick At The Wrong Time

Ok, what to do... I have to blog about this just after my Pastor's sermon on why we should keep ourselves healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, socially etc...

Well, after a long weekend, I managed to rest a little but did more than asked for. I was out last Friday meeting my shepherd for shepherding. Reached home at about 10.45pm.

Sat was more free as I had the whole day to myself. When evening came, I went to meet my sheep for shepherding. Ended my evening at 10.30pm.

Sunday, I had service and meeting after that. Went to buy materials for our CG banner. Reached home at about 6pm. Not that bad.

Monday, the Public Holiday for all, I woke up at 9am, went to Mikka's place to do the banner at about 11am. The weather was super duper hot. Did the banner from 11.30am to 4pm. I went home, brought my nephew and niece out for a run. In the end, they perspired more than me. Their running is my slow jog lor.. haha... Left Yishun at 9pm. Reached Bukit Batok at 10pm. Bought my dinner. Ended my night at 1am.

Tuesday, went to work. No activity in the evening but in the end, caught a cold in the office. Started sneezing my way from 4.45pm onwards. Then, reached home, my nose worked even harder as it was running real hard. Hmm, ended my night at 9.30pm. Fell ill.

Wednesday, did not go to work as whole body was aching, having headache and nose still not recovering. Started to do my household chores and then went out to see doc in the afternoon. Went back Yishun to rest and then left Yishun home for CG to continue with the banner work. Ended the night at 1am again. The best part is this, I took my medicine that was meant to be drowsy. At the end, I woke up once every hour, from 3am onwards. 3.30am woke up, 4.30am woke up, 5.30am woke up, 6.30am woke up. And finally, 7.15am, I REALLY WOKE UP for work.
And here I am, I'm seriously goggy and can't work properly.

Talk about being able to work, still I blogged.

Got to go back to my half-dead mode. haha... Someone ressurect me pls!!



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