Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from Banner-Making

Yesh, I'm back from my banner making!! I must really praise the efforts of my CG gals... simply by the 4 of us and we made it happened! What can I say but to really see the efforts of the CG coming to past. There wasn't any strong disagreements or arguments but everyone asked each other for opinions in love. I must say that this activity had brought about the differences of one another into unity! This is such an amazing part of leading CG since a year plus ago.

We enjoyed ourselves truly. In fact, I must really say that my CG comprises of the most artistic, capable people... people who can draw beautifully, and not the sloppy kind.. but those that really can draw and make a plain cloth into a beautiful banner. I am just waiting for church camp to show my frens and Sub-D what my CG had done up!

NG7D2, thanks for serving with me. It couldn't be possible wthout you gals. I am just so proud of you!!!



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