Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meet up with the Oldies

Managed to successfully plan a small dinner gathering with some of the oldies... Mostly pple from HS A and also one who has been around since his sec 1 days...

The peeps who turned up were Nicole, Gerald, Ray Phay, Jialin and Geok Eng. Of cos.. plus me! hahaha... imagine that some of us have not met up for years... but you know something, there isn't a bit of awkwardness at all. :p everyone's busy asking each other questions until I felt a little neglected... hahaha... maybe because I am the one that met up with most of them most of the time.

The dinner was full of catching up, discussion, sharing of the past, talking about our jobs, relationships etc. It was fruitful beyond words. No longer we are just talking about our studies, our ECAs, our evangelism and ministries etc. The catchups seems to cover more aspects as we grow older... Talk about growing old. I believe that we have all grown so much in age.

haha... after the dinner, I think everyone's reluctant to go back but what to do.. we are all working the next day. But I guess we will be looking forward to the next meet up soon. :)

Sometimes, I just felt that smaller group settings are easier to manage and share life with. Everyone gets a chance to share their opinions and ideas... that's why I find cell group such a brilliant idea!!

I want to include everyone of cos but it is really challenging to be able to find out more about one another's lives.

Want to organise more gatherings like this.

The next round will be Jeremy Goh, JX, Shirls, Jasmine, Roy n Shuz etc... Hope to meet up with these peeps more... soon...



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