Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Building Friendships at Work

I wonder how many people really make friends out of work. For me, I definitely find that friendships at work help me a lot in making workplace a more fun place to work in. That is also why my circle of friends keep on adding... majority are my ex-colleagues and current colleagues... and that is super scary.

Yes, don't think of even asking me how many jobs I've been in cos that will be too many to count. But at every job, there are bound to be some pple that I always keep in touch with.

I kinda miss some of them every now and then because the memories that I store up in my brain harddisk always make me laugh at myself.

In fact, many of them are friends that I can just talk to and be frank with.

Somehow, work is just fun when you have people that you can link with...

And simply to say, I do enjoy working life a lot... :P


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