Wednesday, September 02, 2009

4 months and counting...

Time flies... 4 months ago, I was still trying my best to move out of Hope and settle in a new church. Now is already Sept and very soon.. I am going to turn into 28 le. faint... hahaha... why does birthday approach us so fast? I was still celebrating my 21st birthday back then... (ya right... can't even remember anything significant about my 21st bdae except the fact that I spent it at Joo Chiat... with the YWAM peeps...)

So what about the past 4 months?

I have attended the Membership Class, Ministry Class and also trying my best to fit into my new cell, which is filled with all the married couples and some single ladies, and besides their children whom attended cell with them, I am confirmed the youngest in the group! (So, Lord, please don't bring any peeps that are younger than me into the cell.. i'll lose my status... lolz...)

I can say that I truly miss the people in my ex-CG... Every single FB message or sms or even email, touches me a lot. The matter and the fact is that I often can't help but wanting to hear from them... really miss them...

At the initial stage of the transition, I often cried because I can't help but to miss the fun and laughters that I used to share with the group. But now, I have learnt that I can laugh everywhere I go. No doubt, Tricia's laughter is always contagious... :p

Into my 5th month in Lighthouse now, I've came to realised that re-learning fundamentals can be refreshing too.

Need to teach myself to stay focus and stay on Him and Him alone. :)



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