Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Confident Woman

The Confident Woman
By Joyce Meyer

This week was quite a crazy one. Monday was a mad rush of doing stuff for my colleagues in the office. And Tuesday came and I got to bring my mum to the hospital for a day surgery... a minor one to check her womb.

While I was waiting for my mum, I have decided to take a shuttle bus and go to Novena Square for some shopping etc. However, after walking around, I have decided to sit down somewhere to read the book that someone gave to me since Feb... and I haven't read it at all. So I've decided to give it a go.

I'm not a fan of Joyce Meyer. Never read her books before. I did listen to her sermon once or twice when I was in my previous job in training, but still, I am not the kind of reader that will go for her books.

But this time round, it was really different. It seemed that there are a lot of things she shared in the book really got me thinking. I thought that I heard God's voice so clearly in the book of what she wrote. Of course, I know that there must be a balance in reading and hearing God's voice but the prompting of the Holy Spirit was so strong.

It was just on Monday that I told Alex whether I should just give up studying this year and move on in my normal routine of job etc. I wasn't able to give a clear reasoning on why I want to give up studying (since it has always been my dream...). I told him that I was unsure because I am not sure if intellectually I am able to cope. I am also worried about my physical condition as well as my work load in my job. I am basically worrisome. However, I was not able to recognise that these are basically excuses to feed my fears in my heart. I was just so fearful. I was not confident. We didn't continue to talk about it as I wasn't in my best state, and we left it there and decided to talk about it the next day.

And yes, the next day was exactly the day that I read this book and it was only in the first chapter that God put such deep conviction in my heart, "Do not miss out what I have instored for you." I was absolutely amazed. Sitting at such a noisy Ah Mei cafe at Novena Square during lunch hours, I could hear God speaking so audibly... "Do not give up.."

And yes, I will keep on moving on and not give up.

I was so overjoyed when I know what God has spoken into my spirit and I know that I can move on because He is always with me, backing me up.


Anonymous flashmech said...

Amen! For what God puts you in, He will see you through. Continue to seek Him out for strength and you will realise that you can do all things! Philippians 4:13. :)

Thu Jul 16, 05:47:00 PM GMT+8 

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