Thursday, July 02, 2009

2009: It must be God

I can't help but to note this down (maybe becuase I haven't been disciplined to take note of things around me). I should say that God has been very merciful to me in my life. Despite the many personal challenges and testings, His faithfulness has always been there.

At the point when I felt the least of faith in my heart, God has proved me a thousand times wrong. I know that I should have trusted in Him more and more. I should have placed my little mustard seed faith in Him so that the fruit will be even greater.

However, I should still thank Him for all that has happened for the glory of His mighty power. Looking at my life now, it was almost an impossible a year ago. However, God gave me a better job than the previous, colleagues that empower me in my role, a job that seek to serve others more than myself.

It must have been God. It couldn't be coincidental at all. It must be God.

Despite the many faults in me, God still chose to love me and treat me with His tenderness. It is such a shame that I am not returning my love to Him as much as He does for me. Perhaps this is how God exemplifies His wondrous love for us. Our love can never be compared to His and that He has never require us to repay Him in any way.

I am much humbled, really.

And yes, more surprises will be coming my way later this year. I will be expecting God to act in my life.

Lord, here I am, use me.

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